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IMR International produces single- or multi-client market studies. Information is obtained through primary research.

  • The Quarterly Review of Food Hydrocolloids

    The Quarterly Review of Food Hydrocolloids is a timely report giving readers the most up-to-date information on all events in this dynamic and profitable industry.
    To subscribe to The Quarterly Review of Food Hydrocolloids please click: Subscription/Confidentiality Agreement - Word. Or Subscription/Confidentiality Agreement PDF.

  • Summary extracts

    Summary extracts are taken from all previous issues of The Quarterly Review of Food Hydrocolloids, focusing on one specific hydrocolloid. Extract issues are available for all food hydrocolloids, including Agar, alginates, gum arabic, carrageenan, cassia, cellulosics (CMC, MCC, MC/HPMC), gelatin, gellan, guar, konjac, locust bean gum, pectin, starch, tara gum, and xanthan. Please contact IMR International for current pricing information and specific table of contents.

  • Food Labels:

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  • Special Reports

    Special Reports are single-client customized studies. A nonexclusive list of some of the recent studies and global market overviews that IMR has completed is found here.

  • Focus Group Study

    IMR is excited to have produced its first ever qualitative focus group study on hydrocolloids. Understanding and addressing consumer perceptions has become the new frontier, in food additives, not least of which, hydrocolloids. A copy of the subscription/confidentiality agreement for the Hydrocolloid Focus Group Study is found here.