IMR International

Food Hydrocolloid Seminars

The following is an outline for a seminar on food hydrocolloids offered by IMR International. This is a seminar on commercial, marketing and application related aspects of the industry. It is not a scientific or academic seminar. The seminar can be customized to client-specific needs. It can be tailored to fit in two hours, half a day or a full day. A technological portion to the seminar can be added; IMR is in close contact with several world-class, independent technologists in food hydrocolloids. Call or e-mail for a price quote.

Overall Market Size

Global Hydrocolloid Market

Individual Hydrocolloids Analysis

Analysis of key food hydrocolloids: agar, alginates, arabic, carrageenan, etc.
Estimated global consumption by volume and value.

Replacement Potential for Starch

Estimate potential for starch competing against other hydrocolloids.

Major Suppliers

Global players and range of hydrocolloids offered
Production facilities overview

Forecast and Annual Growth Rate

Review of each hydrocolloid estimated growth rate and factors involved

Distribution Channels and Trends

Direct vs. distributor sales
Strength and weaknesses

Blends vs. Single Ingredients

Position of blends and systems vs. single ingredients

Product Development and Confidentiality

Evolution of product development and basic research responsibility
Secrecy agreements, patents, market exclusivity

Consumer Issues

Perception of consumer is reality of supplier.
Key hydrocolloid issues: nutrition and health, natural, GMO, organic, BSE, kosher, halal, etc.
For more information regarding seminars, please contact IMR.