Food Hydrocolloid Seminars

The following is an outline for a seminar on food hydrocolloids offered by IMR International. This is a seminar on commercial, marketing and application related aspects of the industry. It is not a scientific or academic seminar. The seminar can be customized to client-specific needs. It can be tailored to fit in two hours, half a day or a full day. A technological portion to the seminar can be added; IMR is in close contact with several world-class, independent technologists in food hydrocolloids. Call or e-mail for a price quote.

  • Overall Market Size
  • Global hydrocolloid market
  • Individual Hydrocolloids Analysis
  • Analysis of key food hydrocolloids: agar, alginates, arabic, carrageenan, etc.
  • Estimated global consumption by volume and value.
  • Replacement Potential for Starch
  • Estimate potential for starch competing against other hydrocolloids.
  • Major Suppliers
  • Global players and range of hydrocolloids offered
  • Production facilities overview
  • Forecast and Annual Growth Rate
  • Review of each hydrocolloid estimated growth rate and factors involved
  • Distribution Channels and Trends
  • Direct vs. distributor sales
  • Strength and weaknesses
  • Blends vs. Single Ingredients
  • Position of blends and systems vs. single ingredients
  • Product Development and Confidentiality
  • Evolution of product development and basic research responsibility
  • Secrecy agreements, patents, market exclusivity
  • Consumer Issues
  • Perception of consumer is reality of supplier.
  • Key hydrocolloid issues: nutrition and health, natural, GMO, organic, BSE, kosher, halal, etc.
  • For more information regarding seminars, please contact IMR.

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