The Quarterly Review of Food Hydrocolloids

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Special Profile Issues
Guar 4th Quarter 2012
Guar 4th Quarter 2011
Pectin 1st Quarter 2009
Xanthan 3rd Quarter 2007
Agar 2nd Quarter 2006
LBG 2nd Quarter 2005

IMR International's quarterly publication, The Quarterly Review of Food Hydrocolloids, addresses current market information needs that are not met by the large multi-client hydrocolloid surveys which IMR International also produces. In-depth reporting on individual product categories is included in special profile issues. (See table to left.)

The quarterly report covers all food hydrocolloids, including those that may not be fully approved in all the countries surveyed. A list of the tables of contents for previous issues is available to demonstrate the comprehensive nature of our market research.

Hydrocolloid prices and trends, as well as other topics, are discussed in each quarterly review. These regular topics cover pricing of each hydrocolloid as well as import/export information and current events. Other topics are special reports for a particular quarter. These include new announcements in the food industry, new product approvals, and technological developments in the food  hydrocolloid application.

Summary Extract reports for the last 5, 10 and/or 15 years are available for any hydrocolloid. Click here for details.

Timing and Price

The reports are published at the end of each quarter of the calendar year. All interviews and questionnaires used in the preparation of the survey are completed during the quarter preceding publication of the report. Subscribers are encouraged to contact IMR International with any specific requests shortly before publication. This allows IMR International to better serve the informational needs of our clients by providing customized and pertinent information. A copy of the subscription/confidentiality agreement is found here. A single issue of the report is priced at US$2,250 and an annual subscription of four issues is offered at US$7,850 (plus shipping and handling).

Why Subscribe

The reports are strategic in nature, confidential, and supplied to a very limited number of clients. A single improvement in a strategic decision would more than pay for the cost of subscription. IMR conducts no trade in hydrocolloids and accepts no advertising. Total objectivity is guaranteed. Clients also receive special emails throughout the year and can place requests for information to be covered in future reports. The first issue was published in 1991. Dennis Seisun, the founder of IMR International has more than 30 years' experience in hydrocolloids.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to The Quarterly Review of Food Hydrocolloids click here. You will need the latest version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download Acrobat Reader, click on the icon below. If you experience any difficulties please e-mail IMR International and we will mail or fax you the subscription form.

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